Mayfair Travel is a company made up of knowledgeable and dependable travel specialists who are passionate about what we do.  In a sentence, we are travelers for travelers; we go places.And we bring discerning personalized service to you.  Whether you know exactly what you want, or need guidance and direction, you have our expertise at your disposal.  You are an individual, so we treat you like one.


Johanna Green

Entered Travel Industry: 1996 Expertise: Israel, Mediterranean, Ireland, Caribbean, Mexico, Disney, Group Travel Group Travel: Israel, Mediterranean, Ireland, Caribbean, Mexico, Disney, Destination Weddings Hello! My name is Johanna Green, thank you for visiting our website.

I discovered that I loved different languages and cultures in ninth grade.  My high school was incredibly diverse, unlike my elementary school, and I soon had friends from all over the world.  That year I also studied a foreign language and traveled abroad to Germany for the first time. Immediately bitten by the travel bug, I continued to pursue traveling all through high school and college.   

My first career was as a Spanish teacher, and my love for travel and adventure grew.  After honeymooning in Venezuela I knew that I wanted a career in the travel industry, so I started working part-time as a travel agent at Mayfair.  I never could have expected then that I would be the Owner of Mayfair Travel!  Traveling has expanded my mind, as well as my heart for the people of world.  Now as I celebrate my twentieth year in travel, I feel so blessed that I can say that I get to do what I truly love. 

I have a passion to help Christians experience Israel and discover their spiritual heritage (and get over there as often as possible!). I love to partner with missionaries, and help groups run short-term missions’ trip.  As a pastor’s wife as well as a travel professional, I understand the ins and outs of church travel. 

We realize the importance the trips we plan play in people’s lives and the memories they retain and share forever.  Therefore, we take great care with everything that we organize and recommend.  

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Steven Green

Vice President
Entered Travel Industry: 2005
Israel, Mediterranean, Ireland, Caribbean, Mexico, Disney, Adventure Travel, Group Travel My passion for travel began when I took my first flight, which was actually for my honeymoon in Venezuela, and I haven’t stopped traveling since. I love exploring locations and the sense of what is new. I’m also a history buff, and enjoy experiencing the interconnectedness of events and places.

Traveling has broadened my mind, and increased my love for people on our
diverse planet.  I’ve seen it do the same in my children as they have shared these experiences with me.

What do I bring to the table at Mayfair Travel?  Life experiences, I bring a fresh perspective.  I was a high school special education teacher for 17 years, which means that besides being a problem solver, I am creative and patient. 

Some of my favorite travel memories are from mission trips.  They’ve stretched me at times beyond my comfort zone, and reminded me that we are to serve others, especially the most vulnerable(James 1:27!).  And because of those experiences, I see beyond the tourism, and see the people.  I love fellowshipping, sitting down with, and breaking bread interacting with the local people in authentic situations. 

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Michele Haggerty

Mexico, Caribbean all-inclusives, Disney, Disney Cruiseline, Orlando


I began in the travel industry over eight years ago part time, but now I’m in the office most days of the week and loving it. I find planning family getaways and group trips extremely fulfilling.

My personal favorite vacation destination is Mexico - I love the people, the beautiful water, and the pool! However, I just came back from my first trip to Israel, and it was indescribable.

I do not have one vacation I consider to be the best I ever took- they are all good! When you can make memories with your family or sneak away for a quick get away with your husband; that is priceless! I look forward to helping you do the same.

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Jill Dowdy

Entered Travel Industry: 2011
Disney, Disney Cruises, Caribbean all-inclusives, Destination Weddings

I’m the resident Disney expert in the office. Some think that I work in travel because I love everything Disney, and they’re mostly right - just check my Facebook status and see if I’m there! I love Disney and all of its destinations. If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d be in Disney World. It’s the one place that my family can relax and leave the real world behind. It brings out the kid in everyone. I love watching multigenerational families have fun together and seeing the excitement on their faces.

People are surprised when I tell them that my best vacation ever was not at Disney World. But then again, it was a Disney Cruise on the Fantasy! They have wonderful service, great food, and tons of activities for kids and adults. We stopped at some of the most beautiful beaches that I’ve ever seen.

Now I may know everything Disney, but that’s not all that I do. I enjoy working with the many destinations in the Caribbean. One of my favorite things to do is assisting brides and grooms plan their dream destination wedding or honeymoon. Please contact me if you have any Disney questions, or just want to get away.

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Bonnie Trainor

Entered Travel Industry: 1999
European river cruises, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean

I became involved in travel arrangements about twenty years ago, while running an Entertainment Committee at my place of employment. I liked planning and running group trips for my co-workers. We travelled to Nova Scotia, Nashville, New Orleans, and Caribbean Islands. I soon found myself working at Mayfair Travel, where I have been a Travel Consultant for over fifteen years. Once bitten by the travel bug, it became a passion. I've arranged trips for clients to Tahiti, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska, to name a few.

My favorite destination is hard to pin down. I hold trips to Ireland, Greece and Austria as among my most memorable vacation destinations. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with clients looking for a special travel vacation. Stop in or call Mayfair Travel and let us help you create your own favorite memories.

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Laurie Dash

Entered Travel Industry: 2008
Ireland, Israel, Disney, Western US

My love of travel led me to become involved in the travel industry. I have been to all fifty states and more than thirty countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean. My favorite destinations are Israel and Ireland. I love Israel because Biblical history comes to life. It has great people, great food, and so many different things to do in such a small country. I visit Ireland over and over because it is easy to relax there and has spectacular landscape.

One of my favorite personal vacations was visiting Jackson Hole, traveling through the Grand Tetons and spending time at Yellowstone. I was surprised to experience so many different things in Yellowstone. There is so much in the park that one would not see elsewhere and that I had not experienced. I thought we had planned too much time there but it turns out we could have stayed longer.

The first vacation I ever took was when my whole family flew to Barbados when I was three years old. While many of my memories are probably more from photos, I very clearly remember the plane ride and wanting to sit by the window so I could look out. I would love to help your family plan your ideal vacation and start creating memories that you will share throughout your lives!

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Colleen Green

Entered Travel Industry: 2007
Ireland, Italy, Caribbean, Event Planning & Group Travel

My inner explorer was realized in Ireland while flying over Galway Bay on a small prop plane to InishMeain, navigating the winding roads lined with rock walls, and taking in the stark, rugged beautyof the Northern Atlantic (you have to see it). The history buff within came alive while visiting castles and cathedrals in Ireland, Italy and Portugal. The mesmerizing stories of the adversities andtriumphs, and faith of those who lived in these amazing placesso long ago helped me gain new perspective and appreciation for life. These experiences are priceless. And that is why I love travel!

And although my favorite titles are Honey, Mom and Gigi, I embrace the part of me that is explorer, history buff, and oh, did I mention beach bum? Caribbean life on a white sand beach or poolside lounger with a warm tropical breeze and a cool drink? Doesn't get much better!

As a travel professional for more than eight years, it has been my joy to provide personalized service for my fellow travelers to ensure they experience a vacation that fulfills the desire to rest, relax, explore, and enjoy the time set aside from the daily routine. I love to work with family groups planning special occasion vacations - destination weddings, family reunions, and multi-generational getaways are my specialty! My favorite destination is Ireland and my dream is to return soon and take my whole family - you are all welcome to come along!

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Catherine Worner

Entered Travel Industry: 2003
South America, Italy, Israel

I was born to travel. When I was only 2 months old, I was on my first
plane ride into the United States from Uruguay.

I was fortunate to see family in South America on a fairly regular basis as a child, allowing me the opportunity to see how awesome and expansive the world is outside of my backyard. But it’s not just South America. Europe is stunning, the Middle East is unforgettable, and the United States is expansive with limitless opportunities and destinations.

Picking a favorite destination is as difficult as choosing a favorite child, but for now, Israel has to be my most life-changing journey to date. The rich history, diversity of cultures, and natural beauty make it a destination worth seeing again and again. I cannot wait to go back again!

I am here to help you plan your dream vacation, honeymoon, or maybe babymoon. I look forward to working with you.

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Joe Green

Entered Travel Industry: 2008
Europe, Caribbean

As a history buff and movie lover, travel affords me the opportunity to experience both. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing the rich history and traditions that helped shape our modern world, whether it was exploring ancient castles and ruins in Ireland, ordering “due espressi” with my lovely wife at an outdoor café in Italy, or experiencing Portugal for the first time.

One of my favorite moments was visiting movie locations in Cong, Ireland, where I got to retrace the footsteps of Himself's and Victor McLachlan’s epic fight from “The Quiet Man.” I even stopped by Cohan's Pub.

Let’s not forget the Caribbean. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the warm beaches and enjoying poolside service. Let’s face it, sometimes we want to explore culture and history and sometimes we want to explore absolutely nothing. Get in touch with me, and we can figure out what you are looking for.

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Amanda Fitzgerald

Amanda Fitzgerald is the newest member of our team.  Amanda is a Disney specialist and enthusiast, visiting frequently with her family. She excels in planning Disney for families and clients of all ages.  She is also an expert in travel to Europe, having lived in Ireland and other parts of Europe for ten years.  Her portfolio is quite diverse, Amanda’s expertises also include multi-generational family travel, Caribbean all-inclusives, and missionary travel. Amanda and her family currently live in Yuba City, California.

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